No support from Support bot


The bot hasn’t responded in 24 hours. Please sort this out. Paid for premium to address this


Hi there. We can see that an agent responded to your query via chat - are you not able to see the message?


I have a similar problem. I am also a premium customer. I have been trying to get an important issue resolved, and support has not answered me for the last ~30 hours. I think the new support App must not work.


@AndreasK, please see my comment above. I am not getting any support from a member of the support team.


I haven’t received any reply for 2 (TWO) DAYS … How I am supposed to contact you if I have an emergency??


Hi Andreas,

I posted a question in the in-app support chat on January the 17th, but since then there’s no reply, not even the usual automatic reply. So I decided to write you here.

My client sent me the payment on January the 2nd to my Revolut CAD account, but the money has not yet appeared. I received a confirmation from them that the transfer was done on January the 2nd. Everything seems to be fine from their side. I attached this confirmation to my in-app chat message. But, no money and no reply from the support so far.

Who and when can help me with this?

Best regards,


Hi Irina. Let me apologise for this inconvenience. We’ve assigned the transfer in your account!


Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your reply and assistance. Can I know why these transfers
(which I receive every month) do not arrive just automatically to my
Revolut CAD account? My client indicates all the necessary information
including my personal reference number, but despite that it doesn’t come
automatically and I always need to write to the support team to solve this
issue. It is time consuming especially when the chat does not work. I tried
to send this question via the in-app chat yesterday and today, but it shows
me the message “Unfortunately, Revolut has stopped”. So, it seems my
Revolut in-app chat stopped working at all.



Irina, as I can see we’re receiving this transfer without a reference number. Strange.

Can you please try to open the chat now?


Hi Andreas,

I’ve just tried to open the chat but the result is the same, it shows the
message “Unfortunately, Revolut has stopped”.

Regarding the transfer, if you take a look at the confirmation document
which I sent with my request several days ago, you’ll see that it includes
the reference number.



Maybe these problems with the chat is because of my Android old version, I
have Android 4.4.2.


Yes it could be. Android 4.4.2 is a bit old I’m afraid. I can confirm we do not have any issues on our end at the moment.

I’ve checked the confirmation and indeed it includes the reference number, however, we’re receiving these transfers without the reference number.


I have been trying to chat with someone for hours now. There is no reply and no phone number I can call to discuss my problem.
Back in November there was a transaction on my account that came out of an arm in Miami but it was wrong. I was advised to give you guys time as you were aware of issues with arm transactions. Was told to avoid ATMs and wait for my refund.
Still waiting, almost two months. Tried to chat with someone since then and never works. I either get Rita or no answer at all.

Can somebody pls help me

Thank you


@AndreasK – I am using Android 6.0.1, and I have not heard from anyone in support since January 17th. This coincided with your release of your App I am pretty sure. To me, this doesn’t seem like slow support. It seems like either you all can’t see what I type, or I can’t see what you type. If there is not a problem, can I interface with you to resolve my issue?


I can see that an agent replied to your DM. You were not facing the same issue as Irina.


Hi Andrea,
I need help pls. Not getting an answer on the chat for days now!
Two months ago money was taken out of my account from an atm. I was told to avoid ATMs as rrevolut was aware of an issue and that I would get a refund, to give you time to sort it now. I am still waiting and can’t talk to anybody on the chat
Please help


I have a similar issue to this - the online chat is not responding and I have been trying to increase my limit for several days


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.

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