No Support Available [Solved]

I cant chat with agents on my account. It`s showing as looking for an agent…

is any one have something like on their account?

And one last thing, how long it took Revolut to process my income? After 6 months i got a message from them to provide proofs. N


Not much help but I am also having same issue. Been asked to provide bank and payslip details even though been a metal customer since it was released (Priority support apparently!) Does not take two days to look at payslip and realise where cash coming from. Account currently limited so not impressed.

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Hm… I`m premium user, had no issue from my end and revolut. Until now…
Can you use your card to buy food at least?

Is there any Revolut representative around?

Make an official complaint, if they take too long.
The “too long” is subjective so submit the complaint when ever you feel it took too long.

Email us at

use the Email and escalate to the Ombudsman (link to it is also in the Revolut link), if needed.


Okay, I`ll keep it in mind. Thanks for that

Regarding your problem: How long has it been looking for an agent?
The response times seems to be rather poor lately.

For 6h so far. Do you know, if while they are reviewing my income. Can i still use my credit card like usually? Shopping, etc

So much for this ->

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can confirm that i could use my credit card no problem. Just need to figure it out where support gone.

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My experience with Revolut live agent are not bad so far. I am able to get connected with a live agents in a couple of minutes.

Currently, I have a case, of not crediting a fund transfer, under process. Hope that @RevolutAdmin can resolve my case quickly. :crossed_fingers:

I too could connect with no problem. Its just now something went wrong and it`s stuck in hooking up with an agent…

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will be almost whole business day, still now answer in app. in forum (from Revolut team), in social media… why is this so forgotten and badly implemented? Where are the Revolut staff :frowning:

I highly doubt that this user will be able to do anything as it’s not even confirmed user of the Revolut staff.

Can you still type in that chat session? If so, try sending “resolved” to end it.

I can, just did that. Nothing happened. Still showing looking for an agent…
I tried logout but that did not fixed it either.

What else i can do… I wrote to Andreas, no reply.

I found file complaint. I got an option to chat with us.

So i tried to write something there but to no luck… Error message as follows - Something went wrong, please try again later.

This is getting to be annoying.

Your best bet is to write them on social media like Twitter in a public reply to their tweets not per PM.
PMing Revolut staff on here is rarely successful

Day 3 in the search for an agent, even a bot, tried all the wise words above regarding resolved etc no joy. Definately something stuck somewhere.

I managed to get a reply from revolut. I provided my email, problem i`m facing… and so far nothing yet. no reply back