No support, account blocked, all info provided


I have provided all the info asked for. 2 different agents (when responded after 20 hours, said they’ll escalate but nothing since.)

The earlier post created was archived without any resolution or notifications.

Revolut has effectively taken all my money and have given no explanation for any reason why it is blocked and are not unlocking it.

@AndreasK - I believed Revolut are truthful and honest and have some integrity, but it seems none of this is true. I have £15k stuck with Revolut now.


Hi again.

As mentioned, according to the agreements we have in place with you ( your account has been temporary locked as further verifications needed. We apologise if you experience any inconvenience as a result of this but our compliance team must follow certain protocols to ensure the safety and security of all user’s account as well as our system.


How long should it take? You can return my money and close my account if there are irregularities. You can’t just hold my money forever. Your terms says and times suggest it should take about 15 minutes. Its more than 38 hours now. Imagine close to Christmas, you are travelling and all money is blocked by someone you trusted. That someone is Revolut here @AndreasK

Please advise on how long it’ll take. Yesterday you suggested couple of hours. Its more than 24 hours since you suggested that.


finally some positive news, someone reached out on support asking for a Govt Issued id, I have provided my license picture, hope this’ll be resolved soon. I’ll keep you posted.


Wow, finally the account is activated again.


You are very brave to transfer 15K to a prepaid credit card without validating your identity first.


nope, not brave, awesome (bleep) idiot I would say, that I am.