No service in the live chat

I bought tickets online, but something went wrong. Now the company needs more information about the payment. However, the live agent is not responding. I am already waiting for 3 days. I need information about the payment which i cannot find in the app as it only says ‘pending’. How can I reach someone that can hell me???

Hey @YLommers :slight_smile:

Try typing Resolved and then typing live agent :wink:

Hi, I already tried that multiple times. Thanks though

It seems like these keywords have been disabled now

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Not a good sign :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. …Don’t want to sound too concerned but support seems to have fallen off a cliff edge right now.

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Yeah it concerns a lot of moneh for me and there is no wear or one who i have been able to get in touch with. The phone number is only to block the card😑

very interesting @Juliopp, I’ve tried 3 times to terminate a chat today with no success… I guess not even Rita wants to talk with me

However, a live agent is still missing…

I’ve been waiting 5 days for a response to an account limit increase, finally got a response today at 18:00 asking for the documents I’d already sent.

Argued for a bit as to whether I had sent them and then was told it was a ‘security check’ and they had the documents all along despite saying they didn’t.

Now the guy has disappeared and no-one is responding despite trying the above tricks.

Glad it’s not just me that thinks support is a lot worse than it used to be. Revolut, sort it out!

Hi Flamingo44, may I ask where you sent these documents? They asked me for a couple of docs (but they did while I had been waiting for 4 hours) and wasn’t able to reply to the agent right back. Obviously haven’t been able to speak again with anyone since…

You can upload them through the app. I’ve given up, realised I had a Monzo signup link in my email from a while back so I’ve signed up with them instead. It will probably be quicker at this rate and Monzo’s signup process was painless.

If you only need a UK current account and a card without nasty fees for non-sterling purchases, you don’t want :r:evolut. Monzo or Starling do a far better job.