No responses from online chat


Hi, I’ve been trying to reach a support staff through online chat since yesterday morning and still no one responded 30 hours later. I paid for premium account and expect something faster…


Hey @xiwu :slight_smile:

Normal support time for non-premium users is rarely over an hour in my experience. Get in touch with :r: through Twitter so they can fix this:


Hi @Juliopp

I have the premium account, and still haven’t heard back via online chat after 1.5 days. I attempted to reach out to Revolut via Twitter and they haven’t responded for 45 min. How long do I expect to receive a response via twitter, and is there a phone number I can call?


Hey @xiwu :slight_smile:

I don’t know whether Twitter support is closed for the day, but you’ll get an answer tomorrow for sure :wink:

There is not any phone number you can call at the moment. If you want to try an additional step, you can try typing “Resolved” in the support chat to see if anything happens.

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