No response, verification still in progress.


Yesterday i’ve sent documents to verify my account. Nobody answers on the chat, verification is still in progress… How long i must wait for any response?? If everything takes so much time…this is so bad customer service…


Hey @Marek1 :slight_smile:

It seems to be taking anywhere from 2 minutes to 7 days, due to the overwhelming adoption rate of :r:.

However, you can ask any of the moderators (look around here, they’re extremely easy to identify) or through Twitter:


I have now been waiting 7 days for funds to clear. I’ve uploaded required proof of funds 3 times now and there is absolutely no response from chat. Help!


Yeah. I’m still waiting for any response in chat or end verify process… It’s very frustrating. You can’t plan anything in hurry.


Finally verification process ended and support responded. 2 days delay. Eot.


I’m waiting for 13 days to get the verification done. No feedback at all!


I just want my money back and the account closing. They take the money then block the account, why not block the account before taking the money? I provided the number from my statement then they wanted another, gave that and its still blocked. This is no way to run a business.

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