No response from the chat

Hi, we have registered for a business account recently and the application was reviewed. Support asked some questions 4 business days ago which were answered by us.

What is the normal response time for this? Why is it taking so long for Revolut to get back to this?

Opening a new business account and potentially putting your money in is quite a big choice, this does not give very much faith in Revolut as a bank that will handle our capital well…

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Same issue here, no response for several days now. Looks like they are ignoring most/all chats these days. It was different before, I got responses usually within 24 hours, not sure what’s happening now. I also sent a private message to @olga_revolut, but no response for more than 24 hours.

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Hello everyone! :wave:

All applications escalated for verification need to be reviewed with the same level of attention. Please rest assured that the team checks them carefully and initial feedback is usually available within 5-6 business days. Also, I’m here if you would like to chat about it and I will provide any assistance I can.

@clns - I will pass this to Vincent now.
@bas - Rick is already on it.

Kind regards,


Thanks Olga, everything went smooth after your reply!

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Hi there! I opened an account in Revoult because my friend said to me so many good things about and now I have the same issue, still waiting for activation for my business account and it looks like take ages. I have a very important money transfer to do… I even don’t know what to say to my business partner, when she can expect money from me. Please, @olga_revolut HELP! :slight_smile:

You dont have any other account for your business?

No, I don’t have any other business account yet, because I establish this company recently.

Dear @kingo

I have checked with our onboarding team and your application is being reviewed, we have dropped you a message on chat with more info :slight_smile: