No response from Revolut chat support about money transfer since last Thursday


Hi everyone, I have been waiting since last Thursday for the Revolut team to help manually reconcile some funds that have come in from a customer into my Euro account that had not been assigned my beneficiary number. There has been no reply since they noted they had located my funds on Thursday - I am getting very worried right now. Please can you help me ASAP.


You need to wait :slight_smile:

This is a manual operation and they need to be sure about the funds source and destination.


Thanks Mirron for the reassurance :slight_smile: I’m just a bit worried because it’s taking so long and they had mentioned they had already located the funds… just concerned about if it’s a staff shortage problem or something more sinister…


Ok, so something like this takes time, but where Revolut is completely failing is in keeping their customers informed. A little bit of communication can go a long way to reassure.


Staff shortage :slight_smile:

This is why you also have to wait several days sometime with the support :frowning:

But they are hiring people as we speak…


Totally agree - if it’s an issue of inadequate staffing that I can understand, but they need to create a system to keep people informed as you say. This will only cause customer churn if it continues.


Raise a FORMAL COMPLAINT on the web chat. You will get a response, eventually.
Call the Financial Ombudsman Service. They are keeping track of the number of people complaing about Revolut and the service that they are operating. There are many people in our position and I would like to know wht they are doing with our money.


Thanks @patam do you mean adding a new topic formally complaining about the service in the subject line? What was your experience like calling up the Financial Ombudsman - did they give you any advice as well?


You forget the reference number, this is not an issue with Revolut :slight_smile:


I agree, I think that their services are great but they really need to hire more support staff !


Thanks @mirron , actually it was my customer that forgot to add the reference number, I did give it to them. I can’t control my customer not adding all the relevant information I give to them when they make the bank transfer - I only found out after I checked the payment confirmation my customer provided to me. Revolut did already say they had located the funds, so given they have already located the funds I can’t understand why it should take much longer thereafter.


colinp8, just type in that you wish to raise a formal complaint giving a brief explanation as to why. Tale a screen shot of your request and also note the time and date that it was sent. The staff at the Finacial Ombudsman office are very friendly and sympathetic however, it is a long and drawn out process. The more people that call the more pressure will mount on Revolut.


Good to know :slight_smile:

The fund reconciliation without a reference number is a manual operation and therefore it can take several additional days :frowning:


Thanks @mirron I’m willing to be patient, but I just want to make sure that nothing has gone wrong. Thanks @patam I will post a formal complaint to show it has been taking a long time with screenshots to prove this


Let me just add, that I was waiting for support since Friday, and today my case has been resolved (and it was much simpler than yours). So yes, they are doing something, it’'s just a long queue of the requests.


@SUNDAY thanks - I just hope my request isn’t stuck somewhere and in limbo because there has been radio silence since Thursday