No Response from Online Chat - Missing $1000's


I have made a USD transfer to my landlord, but it has not been received by him in almost 3 weeks. We are now overdue our rent payment (we pay 6months at a time, so it’s not an insignificant amount of money), and I’m trying to get some feedback from Revolut but they are not providing any response and it’s now been over twelve hours since my initial request.
I am concerned that I have $1000s lost somewhere and Revolut are the least helpful they could be.


Update: Now almost three weeks later and I still don’t have my money back from Revolut. And today I waited for ten hours and I still haven’t received a reply to my message asking for an update.
Utterly unacceptable - Revolut needs to sort it’s sh*t out.



This is for you :slight_smile:


I’m going to contact the financial ombudsman to see if they can intervene because it really is ridiculous from Revolut.
Turns out the money was rejected by the recipient bank due to Revolut using an incorrect format on their payment notice… But I am the one now suffering with $1000s lost to the ether and getting no response.


I have same problem here. Waiting almost 4 weeks to get the money back. And online support is very slow. The only thing I hear from them is “thank you for your patience”.


Yep - Revolut Customer Support couldn’t get any worse. Even when we’re missing a significant amount of our own money, it’s their fault and we pay the price…


@AndreasK Really shoddy service now from Revolut. Two months, missing thousands still. What can be done to help??


As a Revolut user, this is really scary. This is unacceptable.


You need to leave REVOLUT. Its just inacceptable whats going on I am missing money too and no answer from support whatsoever


Hi @Rlr

Firstly let me apologise for any inconvenience caused. However, I would like to clarify what has happened and what we did so far.

Unfortunately, your transfer to Tanzania was cancelled by Standard Chartered Tanzania. On it’s way back the transfer stuck in the intermediary bank. Our team has contacted all the involved parties numerous time to sort this out. However, Standard Chartered need to chase the intermediary bank to send MT - 202 back to us.

I fully understand your frustration, but our team is doing whatever is possible to resolve this issue for you as soon as possible. As you understand it needs time, as more than one partied are involved.