No response from in-app support


A substantial deposit is stuck for over 24 hours now since I’ve been asked to upgrade verification. I uploaded documents and texted in app support but there is no answer whatsoever from support. It’s been unresponsive for over 24 hours. As a premium customer I was expecting 24/7 priority customer service but now I don’t even know when I can get access to my funds. There must be something wrong as in app support is usually helpful.

Can anyone at revolut help?


good luck with that … I’ve been waiting days. No support, no contact, and they have a serious amount of my money.


Try to use support chat .
Ask Ritabot for :Live agent .
Escalate your problem,and explain in detail.
Even if staff busy,they will look at your message later. Read FAQ bit more there is lot of tips/tricks :slight_smile:

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