No request from Revolut for payment going to bank

I’m trying to tup up my revolut account using my bank’s online transfer system.

For the bank to do this they would need me to authorise the transaction by sending me a one time passcode that I would input into their system so they can process the instructions. I never receive this passcode and the bank state that it is because they are not receiving a request from Revolut.

Can anyone help?

Can you elaborate a bit more? Do you mean you’re trying to make a bank transfer

As those are one way transactions Revolut shouldn’t really need to send your bank anything: ever

Not trying to make a bank transfer - trying to top up my revolut account using my bank visa debit card.

I top up, the bank asks me for a passcode to put into their 3d secure pay system and the passcode nver arrives.

The bank are saying it’s because they never received a request from revolut.


Ah alrighty - try shooting Revolut support a message from within the app

I don’t know if this is a newly added card, but I have heard of previous 3DS issues being resolved just by removing the card from the Revolut app and re-adding it.

Hallo, ich habe eine Frage und ich habe ein paar Wochen ein Revolut Konto angegeben. Im Moment läuft alles super, danke! Vor ca.ein Woche habe ich meine Karte erhalten, superschnelle Lieferung, danke, aber heute habe ich noch eine Revolut Karte mit ändere Nummer bekommen. Ich weiss nichts davon,.? Ich habe nichts davon gewusst, und was soll ich jetzt mit zweiter Karte? Danke im voraus!