no reply on app chat


I have been asking for assistance on the app chat for the past 4 days and have gotten no reply!!! money has been sent to my account more than a week ago and it still has not reached. I need to speak with someone urgently! this is unacceptable!


Hey @bficarelli :slight_smile:

You can try typing “Resolved” in the chat to reset it, or ask :r: through Twitter:


this is absolutely ridiculous! it is a confidential matter, I don’t have twitter and I do not understand why I can’t just get a reply!


Read what Juliopp wrote instead of just getting frustrated/angry:

Reset the Live Chat, doing the above and try starting a new chat. If that does not work then you can try on Facebook/Twitter or wait here until somebody from Revolut see this post. Also nobody told you to send confidential stuff to Revolut via Twitter instead they might be able to escalate your issue and you would get a quick answer via In App Chat.


I have tried and nothing has changed


Which part?

When you type in “Live Agent” Rita will give you an estimated wait time. What estimation did you get ?


Your chat was escalated to the relevant team, so our support was not able to see any further messages.