No reply from support on Unique IBANs

We have been trying to get an answer from customer support for over a week now about unique IBANs and have had no reply despite several replies (nudges) from us and I am wondering if unique IBANs are possible? The lack of reply is frustrating because even if unique IBANs are not possible a reply should be expected on a business account surely? I can see there is a lot of other users who get no replies too but at this stage we just want to know if unique IBANS are possible.

I’ve been there, I know that frustration. I gave up once and made things even worse for the second attempt.

Once you request the “unique IBAN” (which is actually a single SWIFT-only multicurrency IBAN your chat gets put on a queue and no one will see what you write until you reach the front. It can easily take 2-3 weeks to get there, unfortunately.

Once at the front someone from the advanced onboarding team will collect as much information about you and your business as possible and then forward to saxo for review, add another 2 weeks to get their response.

That’s good to know - we applied for it in early June so 4 weeks so far and have not even got as far as the advanced onboarding team yet!
It’s the lack of communication that is most frustrating and in general we find the support on the free consumer accounts is very good so it is surprising that a paid business account has issues with response times.
It’s not critical (thankfully!) so thanks for sharing your experience with us.

@rafael_revolut @olga_revolut, poor @egg has been 4 weeks waiting to get started with the advanced onboarding. can you give him a hand?

it’s indeed hard to believe that a fintech can be this slow and irresponsive to paid business customers; they are pushing their luck, transferwise and others are catching up quite quickly. even currencyfair is working on borderless accounts now.