No reference option

Hi all,

So, I’m trying to deposit Euro to my Revolut account from Kraken, but i can’t seem to find a boks for “reference”. Can anyone help me out? Maybe somebody tried to make a transaction from Kraken to Revolut?


You should be able to get an IBAN in your name, when going to the EUR account click the Activate button.

Then your personal details should be in the first tab.

Make sure you account is fully activated (deposited money + ID confirmed)

Hi again,

Okay, thank you!

“Make sure you account is fully activated (deposited money + ID confirmed)”

I need to have deposited money to fully activate my account? Isn’t depositing money what I’m doing with the bank transfer?

Again, thank yoy for answering my newbie questions.

I believe only the SWIFT option (with reference number) is available when you didn’t verify your ID.
I think top-up by card OR bank transfer is still mandatory, but things might have changed.

If you never topped up, at all, please do so first (by card if possible). It should unlock the personal IBAN that you can then use in Kraken.