No possibility to pay with Revolut on American eBay, why?

Hi, I tried to use my Revolut card to pay for eBay purchase on US eBay. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Transaction was rejected. In opposite my Revolut card was charged with 1 USD but later returned this amount. That has something common with PayPal transaction because all of them on US eBay are secured by PayPal. Does have anybody idea what to do in order to make such transactions?

I’ve successfully linked my card to paypal, used it to pay and it went through fine

I don’t know if this is the same situation. I did not require to link my card to my PayPal. Maybe this works. I wanted to pay directly on US eBay with my Revolut card. That was rejected. I used another credit card - CitiBank, and that worked out.

How to Pay on Ebay with revolut without commissions?


I am trying to find information to be able to make payments on eBay Use from europe, to be able to take advantage of the Revolut card, that is to say without applying commission for currency conversion or the commission of paypal

Basically there are two ways to do it:


  1. the currency conversion is applied by the intermediary, the company owned by Ebay Paypal, with certain guarantees of buyer protection (it will be about 4% of the total: article + shipping + mandatory importation rates (lately in many of the articles)

  2. the currency conversion is applied by your bank to your credit card; in this case with revolut it would be 0% (you still have the paypal protection for buyers


  1. This is the other way that Ebay offers equivalent to a purchase in stores, in our case with revolut it should be 0%, I do not know if there is any protection by ebay, I imagine not, then it will be the equivalent of purchases in stores , I think that this option for international purchases must be unreliable in order to recover your money if the article does not arrive, or does it in poor conditions.

I am very interested in asking if any user of REVOLUT has managed to succeed with the second modality:
PayPal but with a change of currency applicable by your bank, which would be 0% with REVOLUT.

My case

I have tried to use the third form for now. that is, once you have your item ready to pay, you enter your REVOLUT card on eBay, it gives you accept, and it generates a double check process, a notification arrives to your REVOLUT mobile to verify and on the corresponding screen within the app, sends a message that the process is taking place and that it will not take long, underneath you will see a bookmark in figure and the currency (0 $ appears), a field to leave a note and below all the possibility of uploading pictures of the eBay invoice.

I have not been successful, according to the agent of REVOLUT: there are 3 attempts on my part and probably from eBay even though it offers me already to pay for 2 days, it is not being possible, in my conversation with the seller the thing is not It turned out very well, in principle I did not want to send to my country within the EU, answering badly, that he does not send to Spain, why I bid, reviewing the ad, including import taxes and of course send to all EUropa and other surrounding countries. In the end I managed to convince him that I have a very good reputation on eBay, the package will be about 5 kilos and he probably did not have the shipment to another continent, since it only costs $ 20, I have asked him to modify the cost of the I send to another more suitable and he has told me that he will solve it, that no problem, today he sends a message but he has not answered yet I do not want to bother him anymore since he is a 100% positive seller with more than 90 actions

Probably the process stopped, until you change the price of the shipment for the latter, it is probably not working the double check with REVOLUT as the REVOLUT agent has told me, he has instructed me to try PayPal payment with REVOLUT change conversion, but she has not made me sure it works, but she thought it might finally work and get rid of any commission

Thanks for your help