No paypal code to confirm virtual revolut card

I linked my revolut virtual card to paypal. I tried to confirm it but it was impossible, a paypal code being necessary for the confirmation. When 1 euro was debited no code has been generated, How to get this code?


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It usually works fine. Try again?

In my location DE PayPal doesn’t allow virtual cards at all. Or some of them at least. Remember my screenshot from another thread. This is how the conversation started:

They might very well say they don’t accept them. Fact is they have no way to check for that, except the way they do for accounts. They might block a certain card issuer that only issues virtual cards and they might also block by type, prepaid, business, etc.

Since revolut issues both virtual as well as physical, if they were to block Revolut they would also block all the physical card.

And you have no reason to assume anything paypal says to you is true at all. Most often when I have to deal with PayPal support they’re completely clueless and just keep giving me retarded answers until I’m finally able to talk to someone who actually knows what he’s talking about, usually at the 10th person or something like that.

As an example someone from paypal once asked me what “SEPA” is since they didn’t deal with SEPA at paypal :joy:

Unfortunately the only way to learn paypal is by using it and trial and error, not by talking to them.

So, were you able to use a Revolut physical card with paypal? Otherwise they might just be blocking the virtual card due to it being prepaid, not due to it being virtual

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[quote=“megamaster, post:4, topic:45362”]
So, were you able to use a Revolut physical card with paypal?[/quote]

Physical MasterCard worked fine as well as GB IBAN does. @Myabee, you might just try it again, indeed, or get into contact with PayPal. Did you already?
What’s your location?

I assume the virtual card is Visa. I have a Visa virtual card working fine with paypal, however your suggestion to @Myabee is good. Most times when their system automatically deletes or doesn’t accept a card or account due to violating some rule, the support agents don’t have a clue why that happened.

I would suggest contacting paypal and never say or suggest the card is virtual or they may not even try to add it if you tell them that

Hello megamaster,

I received the payal code it is OK my virtual card Visa Revolut, it works with PAYPAL.

Excuse my bad english i am french

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Thank for your answer. I received the paypal code a few minutes after and my visa virtual card revolut works with PAYPAL.
My location is FRANCE.

Thanks for your help

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I’ll try mine again today.
PayPal is getting on my nerves! :joy:

I’m not kidding you, @Myabee / @megamaster … I just tried again and now it is accepted.

Let’s mark that post as solved or change the topic. Also, it is not really a bug. :slight_smile:

I had also tried to link my Revolut Card (a Physical Card) with my paypal. In statements (PDFs) I only see the Paypal description, without any code. In the general account statement (PDF), I don’t see any paypal transaction.

There are two transactions ans the second one will look like this:

I don’t see anything similar :’(

You have to choose the confirmation through paypal.

Can you please explain this?

lol sorry, I have misunderstood the process. I have solved my issue. Thank you @Water-Fire

Is it possible to attach a Revolut virtual card to the Paypal USA?

Hi, @iJohnnyCash I see a similar thing where did you find your code?

Yes contact revolut support, they will give you the code