No option to verify my account


I opened a Revolut account a couple of weeks ago and I have a physical card and I have topped up around £100 onto it. The only thing is that I haven’t been able to verify my account - like, it’s not an option. The option doesn’t come up on the Verification & Limits section. I’m worried that this could cause a problem when I try to use my card? I would obviously verify if I could, but I am physically not able to, or so it seems. Someone please tell me if I’ve missed something obvious!


Check annual limit. If it is several of kGBP everything is ok. It can mean that you are UK citizen and you had Lloyd account before.


Hi Julia! Nothing to worry about. Your account is verified :slight_smile:


Just received my card. The notes on packaging say “Check account is verified in the Profile section of App …”.
I go to the profile section in App, but cannot see where it tells me if my account is verified or not?
Does is actually tell you in the App somewhere?


Where it states verification and limits.
If not verified will be red colour and state that not verified


Hey there, you’re already verified @Otherwayup :slight_smile: