No-one is responding to me on chat??

Hey guys, i have the standard plan and i guess there is no chat support since my boyfriend has the metal plan and he has chat support, also when i call the support number it just says to go to chat support so i cant get any help… i bought some cryptocurrency and and establised some recurring buys (to sell when its high) so it sold when it reached a point but it kept getting higher value. I WANT TO CANCEL RECURRING BUYS since it just sold again some of my stellar but before it had done that i had checked in the recurring buys and it says i didnt have any so my question is why did it sell when supposedly there were no recurring buys and if there are any left how do i cancell all of them.

Thank you in advanced for all your help

Chat support is available on all plans, including standard plans. (Premium plans are “just” prioritized.)

Hi Frank,

Could you please explain me how to access it then.

In my boyfriends account (metal plan) the icon is right above “follow us on facebook” in the help area but as you can see in the picture i attach below its missing on my account.

Thank you vert much

El El mié, 6 ene 2021 a las 11:53, Frank via Revolut Community <> escribió:

That seems to be a bug. I would try logging into the account on the website. If chat is not available there, I would contact them on social media.

Our company has problem with the new requirements, I was able to chat with humans 3 times recently, but as of today, even the “Chat with us” button does not work at all, I mean it is not clickable.

Hi, no one is responding on the chat. I have a serious problem that my money sent is not received by the receiver in another country and I have no one to discuss and solve this problem on Revolut Business side.

Same goes for us here. We’ve set up an account for our NGO and trying to get our account verified for a few weeks now but no one seems to care on Revolut side.

It is especially disappointing, considering we are doing this voluntarily and now because of Revolut we cannot start our activities.

no one is replying
i waited agent 3 hours, she came for a minute and ask identification and run away in a minute.
my account is blocked and no one asks any questions about it.
admins please do not tell you are checking it bla bla because no one didnt ask any document to check yet. i was told to wait when revolut will sh*t to me but till now i was defending and reccomending. please respect people s business and time

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I’ve tried opening a business account for a second time last week - first time was just after the service was launched and it went nowhere due to no means of communication with support. History is now repeating itself, as I have sent all necessary documents, containing sensitive information to an institution that obviously does not intend to service my needs.

Status of application review has been pending for days, and the the in-app chat is NOT working at all, I can’t even send a message, let alone complain noone’s answering. IF there was another way to contact support that wouldn’t be so mind numbingly obnoxious, bit it seems that you can’t even start a normal ticket in the website or community.

Is there a way to talk to somebody to figure out what is missing for the account verification, or am I just going to get another blank message in this thread that says the team is sorry for my bad experience. (Friendly advice, you should apologize to your customers for wasting their time first, and for underdelivering after that).

Being a Revolut user for more than 3 years now, I was hoping this will be an account my business will be able to count on, as I have as a personal customer. Alas, it will not be the case obviously.

Hello here,

The last couple of I can’t log in to my Business account. Also I can’t contact the support on the chat as the status is always “Looking for an agent”.
Since this is a business account this is causing a lot of issues to our normal activity as we can’t process any payments and use the money we have at the account.
Could someone please get back to me as soon as possible?

Thank you,

  • Don’t rely solely on :r:.
  • This is a user forum. If you can’t contact :r: support via in app chat, try to contact them via social media (twitter, facebook, etc.) … this has been mentioned here a thousand times.

not getting responses back even on social…

Then you are screwed!? If you can’t access your account and have (lots of) money in it I would hire a lawyer and switch “bank”. I don’t understand why nobody (the media, authorities, consumer protection, etc.) is picking up this subject! Stories like yours is the main reason why I have max € 100 in my :r: account. This is going on for too long. Well done.

I gave up on Revolut for business long ago, they are way too unprofessional and saving some pence isn’t worth it. There are good alternatives out there anyway.

Please file your complaints to the ombudsman. How to complain | FCA

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