No number and no CVV minimalistic card

The new apple card has no numbers and no CVV printed in the phisical card. Could Revolut do something like that?



I wish they didn’t print the CVV on my cards. Especially on the metal card, adding it directly next to the number seems to be a pretty bad idea. I also like the idea of having an option to not print the number at all on cards without embossed number.

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Sure, why not. In Europe you don’t need anything printed on the card, chip and pin or contactless with/without pin works anyway.

But do they want that? It limits the use cases to advanced infrastructure and rules out country’s not yet able to process cards like these.

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They also have 2% cash back on all purchases without the need to pay for a metal subscription :scream:


“no number” does not equal “no magnetic strip”. If you actually mean the good old “Ritsch-Ratsch”… yes then that would indeed not be possible, but this is already the case with Revolut’s current premium/metal cards.

We don’t know the costs involved with this product yet. The marketing language used is “no hidden fees”, and they’ve shown a slide with the fees they are waving.

It could be very well possible that the physical card is optional and comes with a yearly / one time fee, for example.

(2% cashback is only when Apple Pay is used. With physical card, it is 1%. And keep in mind that this offer is limited to US customers. If this service becomes available in the EU, one should expect different and lower cashback offerings.)

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I doubt it will ever be available in EU.
What I hope is Revolut releases a new Credit Card clone to Apple card. They almost have the app, they only need a credit union.

PS. I don’t even care that much for the physical card, I care about the cashbacks and the features.

Well the physical card is just meant as an add-on gimmick, clearly they earn more when Apple Pay is used and hence can give greater cashback in that case :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be surprised if that card doesn’t have contactless functionality either (seems like a full metal card) because it’s not meant to be used if Apple Pay/contactless works with the merchant.


In any case, according to public information, the Apple Card does not achieve the quality of the Revolut Multi-currency Card. Although iOS and Apple Pay are user-friendly, the Apple Card will not become a replacement for Revolut. I use Revolut as my primary personal bank. The automatic top up works perfectly and I will wait until the local IBAN. :+1:


Well but… can revolut cards be used with apple pay? Ie, can I register my Revolut card in apple’s wallet and pay directly with the phone?

That should be the first step in aligning with Apple (if needed…)

Soon :slight_smile: we’re waiting, not for long tho :slight_smile:

The Apple credit card is a credit card in its own rights and has as such in itself nothing to do with Apple pay used to present exciting other cards. That this card can be used with Apple pay is self explaining. It’s even the main representation it’s intended for.

I just love the new Apple card. I have to get married to an American to have it.

Does anyone wants EU passport? It’s a good deal :smile: