No notification for the unsuccessful payments


Was trying in Thailand and bought flight tickets for the whole family online and paid by Revolut card to travel between Chiang Mai and Bangkok. However, when I got to the airport and ready to get the boarding passes, I was told that the airline can not find the booking nor any of the passenger details, it was very stressful and the clocking was ticking. Had to buy the flight tickets on the spot and paid a fortune at the airport, it turned out to be 3 times more expensive compare to when I bought the tickets on line.

When I got back to London and more time to investigate what actually happened, it turned out that Revolut rejected the online payment without informing me at all, hence, there is no valid booking from the airline’s perspective.

I appreciate that not all transactions would go through successfully and this case is not unique at all, however, I do believe that if there was any notification (by email, by phone or even a pop up on the app) would save me all the stress, money and made my user journal a lot more pleasant.


Hi @bestzz,

We’re really sorry to hear that. Could you please let me if you have the notification settings enabled on your phone?


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for being in touch.

Yes, indeed the notification for Revolut is enabled on my phone.

Kindly advise should there other things that I need to get set up in order
to avoid indecent as such.

Best, viv


Hi @bestzz,

Can we get in touch directly so we can take a closer look into your account?


Andreas K.


That’s fine, kindly let me know what do you need from my end, are you
proposing a direct phone call?




I will send you a direct message now.