No more Revolut in Ukraine

The app stopped supporting signing up from Ukraine. What is the reason?

only citizens from EEA are supported by revolute.
if you are a Ukraine citizen, you can not use @revolut

Not quite true, as I understand it. You need to be legally resident in an EEA country. Citizenship doesn’t matter. So even if you’re Ukrainian, as long as you can claim legal residence in an EEA country, you can register, request a card, and use Revolut.

@revolut I am an Ukrainian citizen. Currently I live in Lithuania. Can I get a revolut card here?

You can if you are a legal citizen of Lithuania and have documents there :slight_smile:

Hi @grass,

Have you solved the issue with login to the app using Ukrainian phone number?

@anon33247966 , @revolut, is that possible you temporary enable back sending 6-digit auth codes to Ukrainian numbers +380… ? That will allow to change telephone number from the app without adding the load to folks behind RITA. So they can focus on solving wrong-BIC-related calls…

Thank you for understanding.