No more Revolut in switzerland

Any news when we can use our Revolut accounts & cards again in Switzerland?
Any timeline?

Hello @helferlein,

We don’t have any updates yet. Rest assured we’ll notify you once we have an update on this.

Happy new year.

Andreas K.

Any news on this? I could really use my card in the next few weeks :unamused:

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I would also like to know, @AndreasK

It would be good to get a realistic timeline. I could, with some effort, update my account to be associated with an EEA address. However, it is a pain, so I would prefer not to do this. But, I really miss the convenience of the card. If it is a case of waiting for a few more weeks, I will wait. But if the realistic timeline is months, then I guess I should just make the effort.


Hey guys, is there any update on this?
We are already in February and we haven’t heard anything :frowning:

@AndreasK any news?

Unfortunately, we are not ready to announce yet. We make every effort to have this sorted as soon as we can.

Hey @AndreasK,

Would you be able to give us a rough estimate? Is it Days? Months? Half a year? A Year?

This can help determine the amount of effort one spends into finding Revolut alternatives, or just decide to wait until the issue is sorted.


Is it only Swiss registered Cards affected? If I have a Revolut registered in a different European country, can I still use it in Switzerland?

Hi, Switzerland support was expected by end Q1; Q1 is now almost over. Is it in the cards by the end of April?

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Hi guys,

Please note that we’ve enabled signup for Swiss users: you’ll able to top up, exchange and transfer money, but unfortunately you won’t be able to get a card at the moment (neither virtual nor physical).

Hi AndreasK,
Good news for us Swiss users.
What about the card I already have before which I cannot use now?

Unfortunately, your cards will stay inactive until further updates.

You’re dreaming! - you won’t get it done in a month of Sundays

So, with the Revolut Premium… will the card for Swiss residents work?

gentle ping? could someone reply the question?

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Hello, I found an alternative for Swiss citizens : DKB bank (A german Bank) that offers free withdrawal everywhere in the world.

Unfortunately no, as we can only provide all the in-app features to Swiss user but not yet cards. Same rule applies as standard accounts. We truly hope to change this in the near future and provide our full services to Swiss users too.

Hi @AndreasK,

Being able to sign up is good, but we still have to send money to an account in € when we top up, so we end up paying FX fees and the whole thing is pointless…

Any chance you could have some CHF account we could use to top up? That would be awesome!

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