No more Revolut in switzerland


I just learnt today that Revolut canceled all cards for Swiss residents. This is such a disappointing news! And we got the announcement only on Saturday to learn that by 11pm that day, the card will not work anymore :frowning:

I spoke highly about revolut in the past but how they treat the customer starts to bug me :frowning:

Revolut in Switzerland

Wow, I was fully expecting CHF to be the next native currency. Any comment @revolut?


I have just seen this. Honestly, this is unacceptable!!! How can a card be invalid in just one day without any prior notification? Didn’t they know that MasterCard was going to deny the service? Why didn’t they say anything?

How can I now give them my money again when I am sure they are lying to me?

This is such a disappointment.

I was already starting to dislike their customer service after taking two weeks to file a complaint to MasterCard (plus the 45 days MasterCard enforces), but this is the last drop in the bucket. I’m out and will tell all my friends (to which I recommended Revolut) that they shouldn’t trust it.


badskitter - why were you expecting CHF to be the next native curency as the Poll in thread “Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next?” clearly says that PLN should be next native currency?


Just to be clear, people living in CH cannot have a revolut card since yesterday and before they could, at least, in euros. The problem is not that they don’t support chf (which they never did), but that Swiss people have had their cards suspended with a 24 hour notice.


Because I believe supporting CHF next would be best for their business.


The same happened previously for customers in Russia, USA etc. Presumably this is for the same reason, outside of the EEA? As usual :r: is poor at communicating.


Seriously what kind of business is this? shady AF. I can’t even talk to the in-app support anymore.


That the message we just received. I’m going to quickly evacuate my money from Revolut.

:warning:️:loudspeaker: Hi there, we’re truly sorry to say that as of 11pm CET, 27th November, your RevolutCard will be inactive upon request from our issuing partner. We expect this to be a temporary measure whilst we migrate to a new issuing bank at the beginning of next year, alongside adding CHF and a number of other top-up currencies. The good news is that you can still top-up and use your Revolut account to exchange and transfer currencies globally at interbank rates.

If you’re a legal resident of a country within the European Economic Area, please amend the address on your Profile or get in touch with our in-app support so we can edit it for you. This will ensure your card remains active.

Thanks for being an early adopter, we’ll let you know when our cards are available in your country again soon.

… top-up a bloqued account. Yeah


As a swiss based user, today the card has even disappeared from the app. It is very annoying that this happened with only 24hr notice on a week-end!!!

REVOLUT please be more precise when the service will be back for swiss based users.


Wow, this is shocking! My card indeed disappeared from the app (I am Swiss), and I haven’t seen any announcement anywhere! Where did you hear about that?

I am very very disappointed…


You can always switch to other similar services like “Number 26” ( I am currently testing them and I am about to fully switch from Revolut to N26


Communication of N26 concerning the switch to N26 Bank was very bad.
I try to change from N26 to revolut.


Can you? N26 has a more restrictive residence requirement than Revolut, they only provide services in a few EU countries. Switzerland is not on that list.

(this thread is about Revolut not being available to Swiss residents anymore - if you are registered someplace else in the EU, than you do not have a problem with Revolut in the first place)


Between N26 and Revolut, each has pluses and minuses. N26 is a bank so you get your own IBAN. Revolut is a prepaid MasterCard with unbeatable currency exchange rates. Seems like the main issue with Revolut is their inability to predict geographic compliance issues. That sucks if you’re outside the EU but they offer great benefit to currency exchangers residing within the EU.

I’m somewhat disappointed with my experiences with N26. Sure sign up if you can but don’t expect good service. Their systems are immature and they’re badly overbooked. I’d say Revolut is six months ahead in maturity over N26.


Terminating the Revolut service for Swiss-based users within a 24-hour notice breaks the EU legal provisions regarding giving information on modification or termination of the whole agreement or any part of the agreement at least 2 months prior to any modification or termination.

This EU legal provision is also incorporated in:

  • The card issuer and transaction processor Paysafe Financial Services (Optimal payments) Cardholder agreement (see here:, where the point 16.6. clearly states: “We can terminate Your Card at any time if We give You 2 months’ notice and refund any remaining funds to Your nominated bank account”

  • Revolut’s own terms and conditions (see here:, whose point 13.5 states:

“We, in our sole discretion, may terminate these Terms of Service at any time, by giving two months notice, the termination of these Terms of Service will not affect any of our rights or your obligations arising under these Terms of Service”

If I were in your place, I would bring these to Revolut.


Thank you for the info. But that, more than making me want to complain, makes me want to run away from revolut even more. If they are blatantly breaking the law and their own regulations and I have to complain to get my card back… how can I trust them with my money?

How can I know that they won’t close my account and I won’t have to go through hell to get my money back? There are minimum standards that you expect these new companies to meet. If they don’t, they are just regular banks… but in another country.


I understand that, but Revolut does not hold your money. It’s kept on separated accounts in Barylays bank.


I was also surprised that the Revolut MasterCard for Swiss users has been cancelled with immediate effect. I got to love the card and Revolut during this short time and hope it will come back for residents of Switzerland. Nevertheless I have transferred back all my funds to my Swiss postal account and this has been effected within 2 working days.


I also agree, it’s just not serious to get a notification in the app saying “well, from tomorrow no more card”. I was traveling and luckily I had another card.
@revolut: You’re not going to make any statement? Seriously??