No more paper receipts / receipts on email


Hey guys,

Each time I pay with a card, I get two receipts - one from the store/merchant and one from the POS used for the payment. It’s pretty annoying to end up with a lot of them in my wallet or pocket, not to mention that it’s a big waste of paper.

I was thinking about implementing a way of getting the receipt from the POS on the email address associated to the Revolut account. And a lot of paper would be saved!

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Unfortunately it’s not :r: choice but merchant choice…

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Say thanks you don’t yave to sign the receipt 2-4 times :joy:

It’s not possible…

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All you need to do is to exclusively shop at Apple Stores! They ask you already if you want the receipt via email. :wink:

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Monzo starting a pilot of paperless receipts with selected merchants

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Monzo also adopted the “soon” term from revolut. Or wired:

“Paper receipt will soon be extinct”

The world is somehow much bigger than a city, selected merchants or even a country.

While in EU you can pay almost everywhere contactless, there are still states like Benelux and Germany which uses the fossil Maestro, countries which barely implemented card payment with no contactless (a lot), countries which still uses magstripe (US) despite being very developed, etc

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Some shops already had that but it got stopped because of the General Data Protection Regulation. Do not ask me for details tho.

I would love if Apple would implement that in their systems. So if you pay with Apple Pay you automatically get a receipt in your wallet on your phone. One day maybe. :star_struck:



Maestro is not the issue in Germany. They just use the Maestro brand to get some worldwide acceptance with those Girocards. Maestro is part of MasterCard. The real issue is the old Girocard system…



Ahhh yeah. Forgot about that.

But maestro is an issue too. Compared with mastercard.



Why is Maestro an issue compared to MasterCard? If you read the rule book of MasterCard as the brand holder, Maestro is already treated the same as MasterCard Debit and initiatives are running to replace them in that way.
The same seems to happen from V-Pay to Visa Debit.

Obviously this would increase the acceptance for the card holders but it would also probably mean that the merchant pays higher fees, as the classic Central Europe debit cards have lower fees then credit cards.

I did not have any problems with the contactless payments in Germany last summer, using the Revolut MasterCard. I only had a few merchants only accepting the old Giropay aka local Maestro.



Here in Finland some of the biggest retail chains (like S-ryhmä) already offer the option to get only electronic receipts of your purchases. The drawback is, that the functionality is tied to the retail chains own “bonus card”-systems, so in order to get an electronic receipt, you must at POS first present the chain’s bonus card and then your payment card. This also ties your purchase to your personal account at the bonus card system, so the retailer will have a complete record of all your purchases. Yeah, it’s fun to know at the end of the year exactly how many bottles of Pepsi you have bought during the whole year, but it’s still a bit creepy. You can download your whole purchase history form their website if you wish…



Barely. Maestro-only merchants exist but they are rare. There’s just not much benefit for the merchant. It’s not cheaper than Mastercard Debit, but more expensive than Girocard.

Also, some Girocard only merchants use a service called ELV. This creates basically a SEPA direct debit certificate. This is the cheapest card payment method in Germany. Technically, it’s not related to the Girocard or Maestro networks, it is provided as a service directly by payment service providers. It’s cheap, but also more risky since direct debits can be reversed by the customer for a long time very easily and the merchant then might have to collect the bill.



Competition jumped on board:

I believe that’s something that really can make a difference. And it opens up plenty options for customer engagement and would work well together with “Perks”.



Sadly also one of those things which just works if you live in the UK :smile:



Even more relevant for Revolut then. Instead of being “just” a UK fintech like Flux, they “operate” in more countries and presumably work on the Perks feature that is going to be available outside UK, too.

I am realistic, though. I do not expect them to work on this anytime soon. Still a fantastic idea.

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