No more currency rate chart?

The functionality is still there guys.

Just select R logo on bottom tool bar left
Then select star (favourites) on top tool bar
Then select Watchlist in Favourites
Then add currency pair of interest
Then you will see history chart

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I really miss this feature! I hope they revert these changes as the buy and sell is just confusing for people who are not familiar with FOREX trading…
Real deal breaker…


Hi Frank, I may need your help to understand something. In the past with this exchange button, I thought that buy and sell rates were the same, which means I could go back and forth between EUR and GBP and have the same amount back. Example: £1 => 0.88€ => £1. Now, with these buy and sell rates, the gap between those rates makes generates an exchange fee. Example: £1 => 0.88€ => £0.97

Can you please tell me if I am wrong when I think that before there was no gap, which means no loss or exchange cost? If I am wrong, does that mean that this change (exchange button to buy/sell buttons) has no effect on the cost but is just a cosmetic/logical change?

Thanks in advance for your help!


This was never the case. What you’re describing is called a mid-market rate. With Revolut, there was always a spread.

Hi Frank, thank you for confirming! However, this spread is one of the best that we can have, am I right?

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