No more currency rate chart?

I’ve just got a new version, and guess what, looks like they have removed another feature I used :frowning: Why, Revolut, why???


Also really missing this :confused:


Just saw the same thing. Real pity they removed this. They have also made the “live” exchange rate as little as visible as possible without actually removing it

The whole exchange interface seems to have changed, with new “market order”/“stop order”/“limit order” options - I’m not quite sure I understand what these options and their implications are


I received an alert that I set up earlier (in the previous version) about the currency reaching certain value but with this new version I seem to be unable to see the exchange rate?!?!?
Sincerely hope that it is a bug that will be sorted out quick.
The ‘live exchange’ feature is what made me go with Revolut. Without it, it’s just another useless bank that promises everything until you get hit with a “small print” charge…
Hope it gets sorted out quick…


Revolut A: “Thanks for waiting. As per our relevant team, this is a well known issue, but no worries, our relevant team will fixed this on the next update. They advise that you should update your app once the new version is available. As of now the new version is still not live, but once it is live you will be able to update your app and this issue will be fix. I’m so sorry for the hassle here and thank you so much for your kind understanding.”


I hope this is true.

You can still see the “live rate” if you do a “buy” or a “sell” - it’s written under the title of the page with a barely visible gray… whereas before it used to be displayed with good contrast in the middle of the page - but still less visible than it was before.

Compare this to the features they had less than 1 year ago with the multi-currency “convertor” feature and live exchange view and it’s a clear trend to hide this information from the consumer as much as possible…

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I have currency rate chart, whatchlist and click the currency pair

I use 7.30.2 android version

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Somehow that screen is missing in my app.
I have the same version and yet it’s nowhere to be seen…
How exactly do you get to this screen?
Might it be depending on location/country?

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Favourites (star icon) -> Watchlist. You have to add a currency pair (e.g. EUR -> NOK) first. Afterwards you have to click it to see the chart.


So, there are now two user journeys for currency exchange. One which is in the old place, but has a different functionality, and the other is in the least expected place with the old functionality… I’m actually not sure if it was in the “favourites” before as it is the last place I would look at.

I would sack the entire UX department for this. Especially considering how Revolut started. The app is steadily going downhill :frowning:

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I would sack the entire UX department for this.

Thinking about it, maybe that’s exactly what they did, to reduce costs :slight_smile:

Mine is the same, exchange button gone and no graph. I have buy and sell. Most annoying. And the app seems to keep changing for the worse on each update. Take me back to the first revision it was much more simpler.

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I also really miss this. Please bring the live graphs and old language back. The new language feels like stockbroker-speak and not currency exchange. I really like it all the way it was and miss those important features.


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Well, maybe the thinking behind this is that customers were struggling to understand what it means that Revolt‘s exchange platform always uses buy and sell rates, very much like the „professional wholesale“ FX market, that is, frankly, not that much different from stock markets. Transferwise on the other hand uses mid-market rates. While it sounds a little more complex, I think it might be a little more transparent and true to what always has happened behind the scenes.

Yeah - i get that, but I’m assuming that 99% of revolut users are not professional currency traders. for me, I understand both, but terms like “auto-exchange” are much more user-friendly than ‘limit order’ or whatever’s up there at the moment. I used to really like the real-time graphs at my fingertips and now they’re buried deep somewhere awkward. It was a care of ‘it ain’t broken’ for me, at least.


That’s exactly my point. Revolut does, always has, confronted them with the riddle of different buy and sell rates. You can find plenty of posts here in this community going back to 2015 why one would loose money exchanging back and forth between the same currencies. Maybe the change in the UI reflects the feedback and confusion customers have voiced about this, not understanding why an exchange rate doesn’t work both ways. And now, after introducing crypto, stocks, precious metal, I do like the idea of a uniform language for basically and fundamentally the same transactions. Why should a „limit order“ for currency exchange be named differently compared to a limit order for exchanging GBP into gold?

I totally get where you’re coming from. And I thought about it for a while and I agree that old terms were simple. But for me it seems very logical to use the same language, the same terms and the same UX flow throughout an app. Even if it involves a slight learning curve for some. I think it’s worth it, because it’s not only more transparent but maybe also educational.

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Really frustrating change… I use this daily at least and this has made it so irritatingly worse. Especially for quickly checking and comparing while on the go. Why why why!? Had to read this page even to know where the graph went at all. Super hidden away.

Really, really annoying changes to the UI. First I wondered where the “exchange” option had gone (now see you have to select “Buy” or “Sell”) but more annoying is that there is no longer a graph of exchange rate within the buy option - which used to be great to allow us to review how it’s changing before making a currency exchange. Having read above comments I now see I can find the graph by going to the “Favourites” star and then selecting Watchlist> and then Currencies. You need to have a currency exchange pair (or add a new one). But it’s so many more taps now to view the graph. This is a REALLY backward step Revolut! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

And why is it that every time Revolut updates the app we have to search around to find where previous options have been moved to? Other apps I have on my phone offer a “What’s New” popup the first time you open that app after an update. Why can’t Revolut integrate a similar option, so we are automatically advised what’s changed and are told how to find any options which have been moved?


I talked to the support team via the chat and they told me it’s permament and that’s the new approach… I expressed my disappointment and I was told my feedback would be pushed forward, but I don’t think it will help anything. Seeing how few replies and views this post has - I’m afraid it’s not relevant enough for Revolut team to care. No one from Revolut even seem to care enough to post a reply here to calm us down.
Fortunately - recently I found out that Revolut is not the only app on the market that has similar functionality and maybe their product would be better.

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