No more Cashback from Swisscards for TopUp

Are you also using a Swisscard CC to top up Revolut.

It was so nice that they gave Cashback for those transactions.

Unfortunately they don’t do this anymore. But this was somehow expected, wasn‘t it.

Have a good day

I used the card in the past sometimes for topping up as well. Were you informed by Swisscard in any way about the change? And is it also considered as cash transaction with fees now or just no cashback?

No, Swisscard did not inform about this change in any way.

It looks like the top up transaction has just been deselected for Cashback. No fees so far. I was really expecting it to be happen. It just does not make sense to give cashback for topups. So it‘s ok IMO.

The transaction is classified as „Member Financial Institutions—Merchandise and Services“.

True, cashback for topups was a bit odd. As long as it remains free, it‘s fine.

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