No more Blackcard available for premium ?



I have waited to see the new metal option was good and finally I decided to not take it (personnaly it’s because that in europe we don’t have 1% cashback).

I was always in free and today I have try to pass premium… BUT since today they are no black and silver card anymore, only the white, the pink and the black and pink… I wish have the black and silver.

This is temporary or permanent that this card dissapear ?


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Check here :slight_smile: it will be back soon for sure.

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Thanks for the information :hugs:

I will wait few days… if always not available I will take another.



black/silver is still shown on the website so i guess it is only temporary



I was waiting for this design to be restocked too. However I’ve just received this message from in-app support:

Paul , I cannot confirm that this card design will be ever available again.

Hopefully that’s more of an “I don’t know” answer than anything else, but it doesn’t sound very promising.



Yep support told me the Black ( with Silver stripe) Premium Design got replaced by the metal cards and they have at the moment no plans to restore it again

(They still say maybe in the future again)



I ordered a new silver yesterday as I’ve lost mine in Mexico :slight_smile:



the funny thing is that they still show it on even a month later



Yeah, I know. Thats what I told also to the support and they said they will forward it to the right team… :smile:



I am a metal Premium subscriber since more than 2 weeks. Metal card shows on my app , can’t order though . No stock apparently.
Could anyone please tell me how long it takes to actually until I will be able to order and also receive the metal? How long the process takes in total?
I’m in UK.

Many thanks



First of all , asking once is enough :smile:

For me it took 2 Weeks from ordering to arriving but it deepens some people waited over a month.

Click on “Get Metal” so you will notified once they are available again.
Sadly no one can tell you how long you need to wait for a restock. Just @Revolut knows but wont say it. So all you can do is reserve and wait :smile:

Also this Thread is about premium and not metal card :wink:



I ordered the black card two weeks ago and it has not been shipped yet. Do I have to give up and order a different one? :confused:



Contact Support?
Maybe the card is still in the orocess to ship



However its a metal card, but it has prepaid on it according to some users.

Thats very sad, to show your “premium” card while its a prepaid one :rofl:

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Well it’s very very tiny printed on it and like 99% of people wont see it.

And I’dont get whats bad about Prepaid Cards anyways. If I top it up with 30k or if I pay it a month later wont make any difference.

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On receipts it shows up as “mcpremiumdebit”. So you might still be able impress the shop staff.

(That’s different with other cards. The Visa shows up as “Visa Prepaid” if I remember this correctly.)

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You can imagine that a prepaid logo on a card with that fee is not done.

I don’t have the card yet. I am also not sure if I should take it as the benefits of it are worth. 13,99 EUR is not cheap and you don’t receive much benefits for a “Prepaid” card :joy:

But maybe I will give it a try in the future