No money received after Bank transfer


I sent the money via the usual bank transfer and checked well the IBAN ( Loyd etc.)…it has been done 9 days ago on 09 03 2017 and have still received nothing when the other top up has been done in 2 days max…I have a screenshot of my bank account to prove it also…
what is going on …?


Hello. Next Monday (since support chat only works on working days) go to the support chat area of your app and explain your problem to the robot. It will then ask you to upload the print of your transaction and forward you to a human customer care operator. They’ll search the transfer db, find your lost transfer and put it in your account. In a 10 minutes process you’ll have your money, smoothly. It worked fine for me this past week. See ya!


Will follow your advice…thanks a lot !


As critical as the IBAN itself is the reference code. This code allocates all incoming money to a customer’s Revolut account. Always double check this reference.

(I use IBAN SEPA transfers regularly with Revolut, it usually takes less than 24 hours - during bank working days of course.)

Good luck


The reference code has been written correctly as other transfers before…Thanks for your comment.


Chat does not seem to answer…and I am in NZ so I cannot wait all day which means not sleeping the night !!! it’s already 11.00 PM …quite disappointing service


Chat is answering me, but we’re unable to make any progress until the morning because they need to speak to their payment processor.

Something has definitely changed, my transfers (from the same UK GBP account) always went through in a matter of hours… a week after the switch to Lloyd’s, I had a transfer that took a little longer but didn’t worry me too much. Now, I have two transfers missing, one after 24h that my bank confirm went through under the Faster Payments scheme, which is almost instantaneous.

I don’t understand how something that was a painless, quick and easy process has now become so difficult.


It can take up to 5 business days. Are you sure that you used Revolut Ltd as the Receiver ( not your own name ! )and also wrote the code for your account into the correct field ?
Check that and if everything is correct and there is still no money on the account feel free to get in touch w. @AndreasK and the :r: Team,

All the best