No medical insurance for Swiss users (even premium)


true enough - but there are still cases, eg. a swiss insurance recogniced as such in germany (! own experience); they treat you as “uninsured” unless they know the insurace your card comes from…



“swiss pay half the price” - citation needed, pls! :wink:


That’s not a problem, that is a feature :wink: When being a “private” patient, you can ask for all the extras, like the head physician or a single bed room.

#33 :wink:

Sorry it’s in french, this is the “cost of living”

You said you were living in CH for many years so you should know your link doesn’t mean anything :wink:



yes, we do have high salary.
Just a few example WHY:
health insurance for 25 - 50 years: starting from 350 swiss francs (a month). to be paid by the one with the salary.
single-room-flat with low-standard, depending on region, starting from 800 francs upwards (cold - meaning: heating, electrical power and water extra)
a weeks food-supply around 100 francs (when eating out for lunchbrakes: higher)
clothing-prices aso - double as much as in eg. germany…
oh and don’t forget the tax, which needs to be paid also…
(we have so many fees that are being paid from the netto, you can’t even imagine…)

so again, @alessandro - i want a citation where we swiss pay half the price of eg. an alessandro from outside switzerland… :wink:


…back in last year, i’d settled with some stiches to stop the bleeding, private or normal didn’t matter for me back then… lucky for me the doc came out checked “what’s going on”, explained the nurse the backside of the swiss insurance-card so she didn’t insist on me prepaying the treatment…! (this IS a bug, not a feature, hopefully a less common one, though my uncle had similar issues after his heart was beating again in Hamburg, they wanted to know “who’s gonna pay” bc they thought “no insurance” )
but that’s OT


I know. I was just teasing. My insurance has a special help line for this. When a hospital needs confirmation or money upfront, they then deal with situations like this. In any language, even Chinese or Northern German Plattdeutsch if necessary. That’s worth a lot.


Some of your figures are unfortunately not quite accurate, but my point was not that Swiss prices are half of those outside of Switzerland but that salaries can be twice and more and naturally things will be also more expensive (like the accommodation you mentioned).

From this perspective it should be also logical that seven pounds are “less” for a Swiss resident than for someone not living off a Swiss salary.


Your link could not support mine any better … most of Europe lingering around 60ish while Switzerland is 120

Are you trying to say salaries are not two to three times of those outside of Switzerland?


so what? YOU said we swiss pay only half.

And trust me on the numbers - I live in Switzerland. Apparently, you didn’t long enough - or you did, enjoyed the high salary, and left when you found out about the prices. Not to worry, happens to most of the immigrants: they come here completly unprepared, but of course it’s the swiss’ fault, right :wink:

Yet, if you can show me where we pay only half the price as YOU CLAIM, do it.


I did not. Re-read what I wrote and try to understand it, its not that hard.

And for Christ’s sake spare me your personal attacks if you dont mind. Thanks, much appreciated.

And my initial comment was actually semi-seriously, semi-jokingly, but I guess we just enjoyed the famous Swiss sense of humour - not your fault of course :wink:

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Are you sure Swiss resident people are out of the insurance?
I found following within the Statement of Insurance
Group Travel Insurance Policy



It’s definitely greyed out in my app so regarding me yes I’m sure :slight_smile:
But thanks for your help :+1:


Try and talk to chat. The app might have a bug where it shows it wrong.


Any news about medical and travel insurance for Swiss residents ?


There is actually another thread on this topic. I have formally complained with Revolut. See the link:


Actually, the Swiss conditions have just seem to have changed according my screen where these options look available!?


Hi, yes it’s been changed a while ago without giving any notice to anyone.


What ? Really ? I still have “coming soon” for “Insurance”…