No medical insurance for Swiss users (even premium)

Since Switzerland is not part of EEA the medical insurance, that is integrated part of premium, does not cover premium users that live in Switzerland even if they go on holiday to an EEA country.

I think you should offer us some compensation for this, either drop the subscription price for Swiss users or give us for example more ATM allowance.

Revolut starts offering a new feature and based on the fact that your government has not signed the treatys needed you think :r: should compensate you?

Syntax error, this does not compute, why did you not ask for this compensation before the travel insurance was offered? :wink:


Your reply makes as much sense to me as my post to you :wink:

The signup process markets the feature to everyone, just at the point when you look at FAQ and Terms in detail you find out that you might not be eligible.

In the end it is a discrimination since Swiss residents can leverage less features but pay the same.

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Well that is not the fault of Revolut, and it was properly not the reason for you to get the premium subscription… Not all features can be available to everyone like the “Offers” since they are restricted by locality.

By following you logic i should also get a discount because i have other better insurance, or i don’t want to use the device insurance discount?

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Your request is basically “Dad i want this, look all the other kids got it”. Different markets, different products.

Well if you have additional insurances it is your choice what insurance you want to use in the end, although legally maybe even not, from view of your insurances (if you have double cover some insurances might refuse to pay)

For me I have no choice since the insurance is just not applicable

Well not really, if you buy the same book as your kid friends and it does lack a chapter that the other kids books have you probably will complain as well. (unless you dont plan to read it)

You buy the book and then someone else later buys a later version of the book, where they have added a chapter as bonus - you can whine but that is all it is.

A later version of the book? That would translate to if I made the contract later than you, I would have different terms than you, but actually we all just got the insurance so for all of us it is same terms. You may now read a new chapter of the revolut story, for me it is censored.

And yes, I also want candy :smiley: if I cant get the same as you got, give me just different candy.

And about different markets different products, does not really translate, it is one product if you read the signup page but some people just get less of it, that part is not mentioned there.

Blame your officials, it’s their not wanting to join the rest of the EU system concerning health care that is the cause.

Different products for different markets. Your just like a little boy who wants candy.

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You know revolut is a uk company :wink:

Yes and like most of europe part of the EU (at least a while more) once brexit is done revolut most likely will put headoffice in another EU-country.

So you entered a contract with Revolut before the additional of insurance, so you bought the 1 version of a book. Revolut decided to add a chapter to that book and as a good company they gave you the exact same chapter for free.

Well it is actually more complicated than that, I signed up to revolut when top up via prepaid cards was free.

Now top up via prepaid cards is not free anymore, so for that change I had premium cancelled.

When I saw the insurance being added I signed up again since the offering seemed promising, during signup it was also announced as included in premium for me, just after looking in FAQ and the terms I found out it does not apply to me

So in the end I bought the book with the promise of a new chapter that then was not there, fortunately not in a case I would have needed it

So when you signed up the next time, you agreed to have read and understood the terms and conditions. Which included the terms and conditions for the insurance that is included. So you want a discount because you failed to do what you agreed to ?

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Well legally you are absolutely right, but honestly, who does that?

For insurance i absolutely do. For that reason i decided to keep my existing travel insurance as that cover lost luggage etc. etc.

So we agree you don’t need a discount. Instead try and talk to support. Maybe they will refund you.

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Well with premium you don’t have a choice, you can just choose with free. Else you are double covered.

Its not about a discount/refund just about an alternative.

Well at least in my country it doesn’t matter if i have two travel insurances if i only make a claim to one of them. If something happens and i make a claim to both then it is considered fraud.

So i should get a discount on Netflix because i don’t watch content involving cats ?

Maybe a discount on Spotify because i don’t listen to Justin Bieber.