No longer receive notification


Greeting from South-east Asia

I no longer receive the notification when using my card. It seems to me that it happened since the last update, but I’m not quite sure.

I have contacted the support and they suggested me to log out and log in again, which I did. But that doesn’t get my problem solved. What happened with Revolut app ?

For your information, I’m using an iPhone 5S with iOS 10.3.3 and my Revolut app version is 4.5.7

Thanks for your input.


The same problem here - no more notifications when using the card
iPhone SE, iOS 10.3.3, Revolut 4.5.7


It looks like I’m not the only one. Hope someone from the support team jump in for help :slight_smile:


Just upgraded to Revolut 4.5.8. Hope this solves the recent lack of notifications :crossed_fingers:


Same here. Just got the latest version. Let see if the notification is back.

Please keep us posted.


Using the latest version, but payment notifications are still not working!


No, still not working. I reached out to support and this is what I was told:

‘It should be all solved once the new update of the app is available. It should be all fine in 1-2 days’

So seems it will be resolved in the next update.