No Keyboard after iOS 13.1 update

The keyboard in the Revolut app keeps disappearing after updating to iOS 13.1. It vanishes after using another app. Only way to get it back is to swipe up on the Revolut app and restart it. Then it vanishes again after a few moments.

Told support when I was beta testing iOS 13.1 two weeks ago and their response was to downgrade to iOS 12! Hope this is fixed now that 13.1 is on general release.


I can tell you the bug remains on 6.10 which is currently in beta.


Could :r: please focus on fixing that bug? It is annoying as hell.


6.10 is out! Was the bug fixed?

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Yes, seems general 6.10 fixes this now :slight_smile: (not 6.10 beta)

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Yes, our latest 6.10 update fixes this, which is now live on the store. Apple changed something under the hood in 13.1 which broke the keyboard functionality completely on Revolut :cry: But our superstar engineers figured out a workaround as soon as we became aware and we submitted a hotfix


Props to the whole team! :raised_hands:t2:

Bad Apple guys… they release 13.1.1 with some keyboard issues, might not be related.

Quite a bumpy start for iOS 13!

Hello, I’m a Revolut user for 2 years now and I like this app revy much ! I’m French and it’s very usefull for me.

This morning my account was hacked… and I have no choice to concact Revolut by Chat.

Problem : the kyboard diseapear !!! I hope that the Revolut Team or Appl will solve this problem.

And don’t know what to do to get my account back.

Sorry for my English

have a good day

Are you using an iPhone? iOS? If so have you updated to the latest version of the app? The latest version solves the problem of the missing keyboard.

Otherwise can you try deleting the app and then reinstalling it from the App Store? Assuming you’re still able to login.