No fee payments only via revolut transfers

Is there a way to accept and transfer the payments on the web without accepting the card payment and only doing via revolut transfers? I saw there was no fee for that but there were some limits which are not clear what kind of limits there are.

I want to make payment system where user can pay with revolut to our revolut business account and then request the payment or automatically send from our revolut account to the users account without any fees

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Hey there @gwidaz !
For receiving payments, we don’t have any way to exclude payment methods. We want to allow users to have as much payment methods as possible.
In the case you are doing payments from your Revolut account to other accounts, you can decide to do just Revolut to Revolut payments. You will need to create a Revolut counterparty and then execute payments to your recipients.
On the other side, you can also create Payout links and enable only Revolut payment method.

Hope it helps!