No discussion just praise


Having travelled through France , Spain and Portugal from here in the UK, I have nothing but praise for my Revolut card. Accepted everywhere. (Only one decline was on an internal flight over France when security was set on maximum.) The inter bank exchange rate is fantastic and no other card can touch it. No charge for cash withdrawals from ATM’s. And loaded in my home currency so I dont lose out on exchange rates when i come home. All this at absolutely NO CHARGE. Will never travel without my Revolut card. And no i dont work for them, but I wish I did. What a top company.


@brightonmark thanks so much for this feedback. These posts make the hard work worth it! Also…we are hiring!


Same here, used it in Dubai and throughout Japan with excellent results!


As a new Revolut user I wanted to add that I have nothing but praise for this! Joined in May so I could spread out the top ups in preparation for spending money for family holiday to USA in August and it all worked brilliantly. No issues, great rates and dead easy to use in US. I’m telling loads of people about it! :grinning: