No cash given at the withdrawl.

Was in Bristol airport and had just used my card to pay at Mark’s and Spencer. Went to withdrawl some cash at a Barclays but the cash wasn’t paid out. How can I claim my cash back, since on the revolut app the £50 withdrawl was actually charged. Thanks

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It’s probably still pending and will be reverted back automatically after some time.You might also want to search this forum for similar cases :wink:


I got the same problem in Hanoi today. Did you get your money back on your Revolut account? How did you manage that?


Hi Jean Louis,

Luckily yes I got my money back within three days so don’t be afraid yours will be back before the end of the week.


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Have I got bad news for you : Chargeback Experiences?

TL:DR if the transaction goes from pending to complete, you’ll have to file a chargeback claim with revolut and wait about 50 days for the funds to be reimbursed.
Good luck