No card received URGENT


I ordered a card the 19 of june and I paid 20e for the fast delivery so I should have received it the 22 of june.
I received nothing and we are the 25 and I left for vietnam the 29.
Please do something
Thank you !


Double check the address under Profile, make sure its correct then get in touch with them on Twitter or Facebook.


You want to go to Vietnam with Revolut to save few dollars ? Read how you can loose much more in money, time and aggravation with them :


Joseph could get this resolved with much satisfaction.


Yes of course, I got satisfied the first 7 months and then the nightmare started…
We know better. Cheap stuff worth nothing… There is nothing such as free meal in this world. When it is free or really cheap , the scam follows… and I experienced it.
Just ask Joseph to tell me where is the money I sent to Revolut… Nobody is able to tell me exactly where it went.
You should increase the efficiency of the Revolut communication system. You talk to different persons and they keep asking you the same stupid questions. Who is managing this company ? Probably not a MBA major !