No bank without 3D SECURE


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Not being able to use 3D SECURE is big problem!
Many traders impose it.
The SEPA direct debit does not work so I thought I could pay my bills of GSM and internet with my card.
IMPOSSIBLE because it requires 3D SECURE.
Obviously, REVOLUT is nothing more than a prepaid card system for teenagers!

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Ne pas pouvoir utiliser 3D SECURE est gros problème !
Beaucoup de commerçant l’imposent.
Le prélèvement SEPA ne fonctionne pas alors jepensais pouvoir payer mes mes factures de GSM et d’internet avec ma carte.
IMPOSSIBLE car iul faut le 3D SECURE.
A l’évidence, REVOLUT n’est rien d’autre qu’un système de carte prépayée pour adolescents !

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Well thanks for making me younger. Man, 33, here. Spent $2500 with Revolut just the last vacation, paying for everything, 100+ transactions, no issues.
Makes me a pretty intense-living teenager, doesn’t it? That’s what being a teenager is about, after all :slight_smile:

And seriously, overall, yeah, this is the prepaid card for foreign expenses and you should treat it as such; yet you got the guts to criticize it in spite of coming from the least innovative and the most cumbersome banking system in Europe, French banking that is.



Technically, Revolut is not for teenagers as the age limit is 18.

Jokes aside:

Most ‘neobanks’ use the pre-paid debit card structure as it is extremely flexible. Pairing it with other providers (e.g. GPS, Currency Cloud, Mastercard, …) allows ‘neobanks’ to hit the ground running whilst pairing these services with its own app.

Revolut is currently working on becoming a Principal Member of Mastercard, and therefore be able to issue ‘full’ debit cards (that are not pre-paid.).

Unsure about SEPA direct debit, and the 3D secure situation for both top-ups and spending.



yesterday i couldn’t buying an online train ticket in austria for oebb austrian railways.
because of not having a 3d secure function!


and today refused my revolut cards too because of that!


Yeah it would be great if 3D Security will be added (not that we need more security but sometimes it is needed for passing bank/online payments restrictions). In India my Revolut got refused due to missing 3D Security (even didn’t accept it) and there was no information why transactions were refused. I found it out after few hrs searching around. Maybe if not possible to add 3D Security at least to be some FAQ page with counties and online sites that require 3D security so people would know why their transactions are refused.


True that! Half of French administrations and banks are illegally enforcing IBAN discrimination despite article 9 EUR-Lex n°260/2012.

Among those who actually do SEPA, many will take as long as 48 hours just to add a beneficiary… Then actual transfers will be sent out once a day, because subscribing to all the outgoing SCT cycles costs money, right, and who needs reactivity anyway. Surely they won’t notice.

Finally, our dear banks will update your online banking interface to reflect incoming transfers once a day only. They might have subscribed to all incoming SCT cycles, but why not play with customer funds for a while before handing them over, right. Surely they won’t notice will they. Hey could we go as far and charge one more day of overdraft? No, the value date is embedded within the SEPA message you say. Crap. At least we tried :wink:

tl;dr: yes :r: is a game changer especially for those used to dinosaurs like we have in France… but in my opinion 3DS should be top priority come on this is 2018 now. On top of that 3DS drastically mitigates the consequences of card thief and fraud (that’s what it’s meant to do after all). Your support agents could use less tickets couldn’t they :wink:
You can have all the location based security and proprietary fancy security stuff but to my mind the worldwide standard should come first.


It really starts to get annoying :frowning: tried to book a bus ticket. No success at all :man_facepalming: Not even a notification, nothing.

Well… at least it didn’t worked with TransferWise too :man_facepalming:


Hello there,

Any news on this? Not being able to use 3D secure is a big problem in France…


Just to correct my previous post from 24 July 2018. It is now possible to use Revolut for online payments in India (checked on and even without the 3D Secure option. Hope the rest of the sites work too.


Sites depending on their payment acquirer choose whether they accept 3D Secure, and then whether they require it or not.

The thing is 3D Secure authentication shift liability from the merchant to the card issuer.
This means merchants are protected from unauthorised payment disputes whenever authentication is used.

As card fraud is a plague to most merchants, they see liability shift as a proverbial angel protecting their profits, and nowadays many merchants choose to disallow non-3DS payments to reduce their risk. To be quite fair, I am one of these merchants.

Now why hasn’t :r: implemented 3DS on the cards they issue already, shouldn’t be a technical reason, it’s not that complicated, a few API endpoints and an authentication page, probably some legal stuff going on as well, but can’t be too tough.

The funny thing is :r: require 3DS for card top-ups, but their own cards don’t support it. All about shifting liability away from them, but not the other way around :smiley:
If :r: is so confident about their security they shouldn’t be afraid of liabilities being shifted to them in the event of fraud happening (because there shouldn’t be any, right).

For the benefice of doubt I will just invoke scaling issues :smile:


Please add 3d secure as soon as possible


I used 3D today without any problems. Just when you’re converting the currency, it just wants to wait.


Please add 3d secure as soon as possible


An option could be to implant a secure step in the app
Where you have to log into the app with the pincode and allow the translasition, maybe a sms code from revolut to enter in the app


They still have time til september - after that 3DS is mandatory by law afaik.


Could you please give a source for this info?


Google PDS2
i need 20 chars


I still can’t figure out where I can look for this info.


It might be because it’s called “PSD 2” and not “PDS2” :wink: