No Auto-topup feature?

Is auto-topup depending on currency? The support mention that but it is strange to me?

Not sure if I understand your question correctly. For each currency you have an “account” for you can set up an auto topup which means if your balance of the given currency falls below a certain amount then it tries topping itself from the card you have registered for the auto topup.

Support told me that autotopup is not supported for my currency BGN, which turns out not correct as my friends have it. So I’m still in wondering what auto topup is depending on?

If you can top up your account with a debit/credit card then auto topup should work.

Yes, but none of my underlying cards that have topup-ed hundred times have this option… (even I verified one of the cards)

Which version of the app do you use?

6.1 (but it was always like that and before)

Just for curiosity I have opened a BGN account. After clicking the “add money” button I see the “Automate” option in the top right corner and overall it seems to work just like it works on my other accounts. Are you saying that you dont have that option in your version? I’m at 6.1 as well.

Yes, I do not have the button at all at non of my BGN, $, euro accounts, is it possible to be underlying card related?

Nah, I dont think so. Auto topup is nothing more than a simple topup triggered by the amount of the money you have in your account. If you can topup your account by your card then auto topup should be not an issue.

Just to be sure that we are talking about the same thing:

  • you can top up your account by your card
  • on the same screen where you top up by card manually you dont have an “automate” button in the top right corner

if these are correct then I suggest to

  • change the language of your phone to english (if its not english already), restart :r: and check if the automate button appears. This would verify if you have a problem with the Bulgarian localization
  • if this does not solve the problem report the bug to @AndreasK in a pm or file this question with a proper problem description (what is your problem, what have you tried) under the bug section.

Yes, but every time I topup I have to enter CVV and 3d of the underlying card.

When contacting support they told me different thing every time :slight_smile: so no explanation so far

it is not localization issue as my friends have it

Remove your card from :r: and try adding it again. Once it is registered it should no ask for the CVV over and over again.

This is once it’s verified.

You can either have this manually done, or you can do it each time :slight_smile:

I verified with a code and no auto-topup button in any of the accounts.

PS. I also re installed the app and re-entered the card…same thing

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Odd… I’m out of ideas. Just for curiosity what kind of a phone you have and with which OS version?

iOS 12.3


I had a OnePlus 5T on Android 9 and an iPhone 6S+ on iOS 12.

I now have an iPhone XR on latest version of iOS.

I personally top up by bank transfer now from both my personal EUR account with Starling Bank and from my personal GBP account with Starling also!

Just re-read this article and saw “We’ll complete regular checks of your risk profile, and let you know with an in-app notification when you can use this feature.” I cannot see any auto top up anywhere (yet?).