No answers for more than 96 hour

Hello, i didnt get any solution to increase my top up for more than 96 hours… i have uploaded documents, but no answers… and i am waiting for huge income to my revolut account…

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Contact customer support :slight_smile:
Make sure you type : live agent to get past chatbot :slight_smile:

I have done it! Just have an answer they increas my top up to 21000€ but i mentioned i need atleast 28000€

Your limit depends on your income/wealth … :slight_smile:

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The limit depends on the specific proof of funds. If you show payslips for an annual salary of 30k, they will grant you 30k.

My limit is almost 30000 already and I never asked to increase it.

Hi there. We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.

Please note we’re able to increase your annual top up limits based on your annual income.

Please can you help me, i have same problem they I can’t use my account and no one answer i have message “They said wait 96 hr “, am new in this

Just wait those 96hrs and contact :r: support again :+1:

Am waiting since 20th of February and no one answer!

Been waiting for a lot less than some people here… I’m getting worried i need my account unlocked asap…

Oh that’s awful. I hope to get my answer faster then 6 days, at the moment is 72 hours.

@AndreasK my revolut account has been blocked since february 3… it.s been one month !!! i have provide in chat anything you asked for and still no answer … this is not possible ! ONE MONTH NO ANSWER ???

Am still waiting, all my money blocked! , trying to talk or understand what’s happening to fix the problem, but no one actually !
they just ask you to wait !

@AndreasK, please can you have a look at my issue? account block. i have sent an email to formalcomplaints@ revolut .com but i cannot have to my account. i need to start using that account as soon as possible please help me out.

No use pinging staff here… they all gone. Better spam their twitter, instagram, or facebook page. Understand your frustration, but be polite when you ping them.

Zero response from anyone on chat waiting to approve a large transfer. Can I really trust a company that doesn’t even maintain customer support when they already have your money? Serious concerns about the trustworthiness of this company.

I’m waiting like 3 days for someone on chat because some extra documents are needed (bank statements, etc.). While waiting, I cannot use the app… also I just received Revolut card which I cannot start using. What to do?

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Hi Revolut, just sign up here even though I’ve been using it for quite a while. I’m a bit disappointed with the fact that I can’t send feedback because it says I’m a “new user”. How can I report an issue then? The telephone +442033228352 posted on your website doesn’t work just so you know.

I’ve got a suspicious transaction notification in the app and when I click to view it it freezes the app and I can’t find out what happened. I deleted the card, created a new one, and the same bloody message appeared again. Since the app keeps freezing, I can’t figure out what’s happening. Is there anyone that could help?

Interesting. Right after this post was approved my card got unfrozen miraculously and I still don’t know anything about the suspicious transaction.