NO ANSWER in the chat

My past chat in the chat is not achieved and now nobody answer me please help me

Did you get past the chatbot by typing “live agent”?

Yes but it didn’t change , no answer

Maybe first try “resolved” to close any possibly open session and then restart with “live agent”.

Yes I did And it’s the same , I don’t know what I can do because it’s urgent

Can you post a screenshot of whats going on in the chat window?

What is the overall issue?

Can you help me please

Alright, that is relative quiet :slight_smile: Maybe try it without capitalised letters at the beginning, but I dont think that should be the reason.

Whats the issue? Anything the community can help with or does it have to be someone from support?

II have the same problem. the chat can’t be cleared and no one answers in the chat for weeks.

anyone can help?

someone replied once and since then it’s stuck at “looking for an agent”.

I can’t close the chat nor open a new one

Having the same issue, how can I resolve this?

Hi I created account a couple months ago and then I stopped using it for a while. After that I moved to Uk, i changed the address, and today I asked my friend to login in from his phone to send me the money form my first payment. First my pin wasn’t working on his phone and then window ‘chat with us’ popped up. I’ve send them the one payslip that I’ve got but no one answered yet. I just want to have money on my account. Can someone help me plsss. @AndreasK