No answer in revolut helpdesk


So I am very sad still yesterday each time I ask for live agent I have no answer !! Have you the same problem??


Can’t use my card in my country today and there is no support whatsoever.


Hey @Matth :slight_smile:

This can be a technical glitch. You can use any of the alternative contact methods listed here:


Yes i try all still upgraded my account no answer I am really very sad!


You were not able to get in touch with our support team, as your chat was escalated to a different team which is better suited to help you with your request. However, it looks like we’ve managed to get in touch with you to discuss the issue now. I’m sure we can get something sorted very soon! Please do contact us with any further queries you might have.


Hi Andreas, I have been a Premier account user from the beginning. Replies on Help chat used to work just fine. But for the pat 24h nothing. No reply despite my repeated attempts to get in touh with someone.
I’ve been asked to proove source of funds for the second time this year. I did so in detail. Explained also how the funds are being transferred across. Uploded pictures, about 8 of them. Then waited and then asked for help again, and again, and again and again and again.
Zero response!

I then looked up other methods to get in touch with Revolut’s personnel.
Via FB private message? forget it, you cannot message them, this functionality not allowed.
On Twitter? I didn’t have a Twitter account before. And planned on NOT having one. Created one tonight nevertheless just to be able to send a private message to Revolut. Guess what, same story: “Sorry you ca not send messages to this account.”.

It is very frustrating. And worrying. I now hold most of my cash with Revolut and begin to regret this. When one doesn’t have access to his own finaces one starts to suspect all sort of dire scenarios as to why…

I don’t understand how come after this issue has been reported over and over again by others it still happens?

Looking forward to your support.

Thank you!