No answer from support for 3 days now

Hello, I try to contact the support in the application since Wednesday Sept 13th, and my instant messages never get answered.

I have an urgent transfer to do, and my account has still not be credited. It is very urgent. Who can urgently get back to me ?

Thank you very much.

All I ask actually is to get an answer through the app. Hope you will get back soon, this is critical for me.

Wold it be possible to give a little more detail? IBAN transferr in, UK bank transfer in etc…?

hello, the issue is with a transfer in USD from a US bank to the UK IBAN of Revolut.

In the application, the person from the support told me that the money had been received, and that my account should be credited by the end of the day (it was Wednesday Sep 13th).

Since that message, none of my messages was answered. And the money is still not credited to my account. Why is there nobody from the support answering since Wed Sept 13th ?

Attached the screenshots of my discussion with the support. No answer at all since Wednesday…

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