No access to the app- what can i do?

I am travelling in rural India and Africa for the next 6 months and recently my phone broke. So now i am using an old phone which is unable to support the revolut app. I undertand i can’t access my revolut account online and therefore currently cant load my card or check my balance. Short of buying a Brand new phone, is there a way i can continue to use revolut over the next 6 months?

Hey @JKHolden :slight_smile:

I would suggest…

  • Writing down the phone number for blocking your card in case of theft.
  • Setting up auto-top-up, probably with a generous amount, from a card with sufficient funds.
  • Fully verify your account before travelling. Also, use your account and card at least for a while before travelling.
  • Inform :r: about your plans so they can give you advice.
  • In case you need to check the balance, you should be able (although it’s not always reliable) to check it in any ATM.

This way, your account should be pretty “autonomous” :wink: