No access to the account and no contact with Revolut



I cannot access my account, there is an error message saying that something went wrong, that I have to input a code received with sms on my mobile…but the point is that I cannot access my account and there is no way to contact Revolut (an in-app chat might not be the solution when there is no access to the account).

Could it be possible to have any form of customer service?

Many thanks


Tap ‘forgot pin’ to access help.


Thanks for your answer. I have not forgotten my PIN…when I try to access my account, I am re-directed to a page where they ask for my phone number and a code received via sms. Then it says that something went wrong and to try again.

It is the first time I have an issue with revolut and I was not expecting this poor level of customer service for ask gain FCA regulated firm! Not even a number to call! Appalling :frowning:

Many thanks


Actually I’m in a similar situation. Have you tried updating the app? If you go to chat and type ‘live agent’ somebody will come online sooner or later to help,hopefully.


Hi there. When you hit Forgot make sure you’re entering the last 4 digits of the card used for top up.


Thanks Andreas for your answer. As I said, I cannot access the account, the problem is not that I forgot my PIN. I cannot even digit my pin because the page is set in such a way that only asks for a code sent via text message and then says that something went wrong.

Please let me know if the issue is clear now or if you need more details to assist me.



@AndreasK , the message was for you. Thanks


Could you please reach me via DM :slight_smile: