No access to the account and no contact with Revolut


I cannot access my account, there is an error message saying that something went wrong, that I have to input a code received with sms on my mobile…but the point is that I cannot access my account and there is no way to contact Revolut (an in-app chat might not be the solution when there is no access to the account).

Could it be possible to have any form of customer service?

Many thanks

Tap ‘forgot pin’ to access help.

Thanks for your answer. I have not forgotten my PIN…when I try to access my account, I am re-directed to a page where they ask for my phone number and a code received via sms. Then it says that something went wrong and to try again.

It is the first time I have an issue with revolut and I was not expecting this poor level of customer service for ask gain FCA regulated firm! Not even a number to call! Appalling :frowning:

Many thanks

Actually I’m in a similar situation. Have you tried updating the app? If you go to chat and type ‘live agent’ somebody will come online sooner or later to help,hopefully.

Hi there. When you hit Forgot make sure you’re entering the last 4 digits of the card used for top up.

Thanks Andreas for your answer. As I said, I cannot access the account, the problem is not that I forgot my PIN. I cannot even digit my pin because the page is set in such a way that only asks for a code sent via text message and then says that something went wrong.

Please let me know if the issue is clear now or if you need more details to assist me.


@AndreasK , the message was for you. Thanks

Could you please reach me via DM :slight_smile:

Hi @anon33247966 and rest of community.

I have told Revolut via in app chat that I accidentally responded to a text message that possibly could have been fraud/scam.

In app customer service told me they will look into it and reply in 48 hours, which was on 23/02/20, since then I had NO support or answer. My account got locked and when I open the app I cannot see any information in regards to my funds or account, is frozen on the in app chat, which also now has dissapeared. It looks as if I never had an account or sent a message to customer service, fortunately I’ve screenshotted everything.

I am worried as I can’t t access my account or funds which I wanted to transfer in case of fraud. Customer service did not notify that I would not have access to my account or even see the status of my funds, they gave me no information this would happen.

I cannot even send a new message or use the in app chat, I have no other way of reaching customer service regarding this except to post here.

Because of your awful treatment I was forced to escalate the case to a Financial Ombudsman, if I still don’t get help via posting in the community, I will have to post my experience on twitter until someone finally assists and supports me. I expect professionalism as minimum for being your client, currently you have not helped me, you have not given me support as said after 48 hours, you have not given me any instructions or notice that you would lock my account, it looks as if you have stolen my funds. I’m extremely frustrated and unhappy about this.

This has happened to me aswell does anyone no any other way of contacting them

Hello @anon33247966 I am having exactly the same problem.
Is that any way to reach you?
I have sent an email to revolut feedback but no reply.
I have funds in my account and I cannot login and once I try to call the help line it directs me to an autonatic message

I have made a case against Revolut via Resolver, they finally replied however with a generic “fit all” answer which did not address my issue in any way, it seemed as if they did not read my letter.

I have replied to their “final letter” and additionally forwarded the case to a Financial Ombudsman, as I continue being unable to use the app, see any messages or create any new messages, which means I’m unable to talk to a live support agent. I still don’t have access to my account or my funds nor can I see any info regarding this.

Hopefully the case will be resolved once the Financial Ombudsman gets involved. I recommend for whoever is having the same issue to do the same. As this is a problem that many go through as I noted when looking through the Community discussion.

I am having the same problem - i cannot access the revolut app on my phone, it keeps going around in a loop asking for my details and then sending an sms message. How do i contact someone for help @anon33247966

This didnt look right, be careful