No access to my phone number


Hello, I changed my phone number and I have no access to my account because of that.
I send 3 requests on Facebook but no answer.
I answer in a topic in this forum but no answer.

Is that possible to change the phone number of my account ?

Thank you for helping me


Hi @Yann :slight_smile:

Are you able to log into the app using your old phone number? If so you should be able to update it from there.

Please see What to do if you have problems logging in and then select the 4th option - “I need to change my account’s phone number”.

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Thank you for your answer but no, I’m not able to log into the app using my
old phone number because the app wants to send me a code that I have to


Oh, I see your problem. Unfortunately this means you’ll need assistance from :r: staff to resolve this issue (@AndreasK - can you help?)

I don’t use Twitter myself, but I’ve read that it’s often the fastest way to get a response. Follow the link in my previous post for this and other contact methods.

Sorry I can’t be of more help to you.


I can help with this. Could you please drop me a DM?