NFC sticker as a spare card


I broke my phone today. Because I absolutely need a smartphone, I bought a cheap one. Unfortunately, I found out that this device did not support NFC. So I was unable to use Android Pay (Leupay Wallet, SEQR) and that was very hard, because I’ve already got used to it.

Therefore, I have researched which solutions are available on the market and I have come across the NFC sticker. I think it is a great idea to offer such a sticker as a spare card, because:

    • the sticker is much smaller than a normal card
    • Apple Pay is not available in many countries (e.g., Germany)
    • for iPhone users in these countries, there is no real alternative
    • many smartphones do not support NFC
    • there are NFC simcards, but only for customers with a long term contract

If your revolut card is directly attached to your phone its more likely that this card will be used more often.


This is really a great idea. Since Apple Pay is still far in the future for Revolut, a NFC sticker can provide some of the functionality with little effort. It can be provided as an option for a fee, just like the spare cards that are offered now. And the NFC stickers have the advantage that they can be attached to everything, not just your mobile phone.