Next step of crash: can login, but not synchronize existing card


Like a number of users, I was affected by the “error occured, try again later” issue. I just managed to reconnect (received new confirmation number), and funds are there.

However, the cards tab is blank, and when I try to synchronize my existing (physical) card, I get the same “error occured, try again later” issue.

The phone number I used to reconnect was the same one that was in the app; however, it is different from the one I used last year when I initially signed-up and ordered the physical card.

Is it the same server bug (gradually being solved: accessing app first, accessing card second), or is it something else?



Update: I tried a few more times. On one occasion, the message was “this card is already linked to this account”, but the card picture did not appear.

Next try: same “try again later” error.

Next try: the card appears (but now there is no transaction record)

I close the app and open it again: it has disappeared once again, with the “try again later” error. And I can’t access personal information now…

Seems like the server is still almost completely crashed…