Newbie Questions

I get paid a monthly Salary in US Dollars. If I get my employer to pay it directly into my Revolut account would it incur ANY fees at all?
If I have US Dollars in my account and want to exchange it in to £UK how do I determine the rate that I get at that point?
Do I get the rate that is currently showing on the Revolut app or any other rate?


1: you will see fees by intermediary banks for the international transfer most likely. More about this in 2 blog posts about transfers and the FAQs.

2/3: what you see is what you get


You might want to wait a month or two, they should launch in the US very soon, which means everybody will get a local US account.
That way your employer will be able to pay doing a local ACH transfer, without fees, and then you can use Revolut to change that into pounds, euros, or whatever you like :slight_smile:

That’s assuming your employer is in the US of course :sweat_smile:

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Yes my employer is a US corporation. What you say is very encouraging so I think I will wait until the change happens.