new zealand bank - invalid account number

I’m trying to transfer money to a new Zealand bank account, but the app tells me the account number is invalid. What format should the account number be? Thanks.

Probably somehow like this:

You need to ask your bank for your IBAN number. This is your international banking number and is used for receiving payments from overseas.

I had the same problem. Deleted the dashes or spaces, message still remained then I clicked on the next box (SWIFT) and success - account accepted.

Also NZ doesn’t use IBANs

Hi - I am preparing to do a transfer from my Revolut to NZ Bank account.

I know the MZ Bank will charge $25 for the incoming wire transfer, so I would like to do it only once, and no test transfers…

My question: for the bank account number you used, did you drop any digits (first 2 or 6 characters)? Was it successful?

NZD Local Account number should be 15-16 digits. This is made up of the bank code (2), branch code (4), account number (7) and suffix (2-3).

Check my last post, the issue was getting the Revolut software to accept my bank details.

Costs me $15 a time.

Takes a few days, but no complaints.

Thanks for coming back! Understood that was your original issue, and the $15 transfer charge was from the bank on the successful incoming wire.

I know what SWIFT number to use for the transfer, but I am unsure what account number I should use -

Did you use the full 15-16 digit number (inclusive of bank code and branch code) without dashes?

For example:
Account number: BB-bbbb-AAAAAAA-SSS

You used:

I used option (a).

Though I only have 2 “SS” digits at the end.